Snipe "ready" for combat

Snipe is a retired Freak Hunter

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Prologue of Snipe


Snipe was once an extremely powerful Freak Hunter, on the same tier as Christian Brutal Sniper. He was on a brutal hunt to kill Painis Cupcake, who had murdered his parents. Then he was killed by Nuclear Scout, and was resurrrected by an unknown player. Snipe lost most of his power due to this, and became one of the weakest Freaks out there, only slighty above Captain Demoman.

Freak On EventsEdit

Snipe finally decides to give up on Freak Hunting, due to the pain of death and his weak status, and Nuclear Scout appears to kill him, but he instead gives Nuclear Scout his Bushwaka and tells him to go away.


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Nuclear Scout

Captain Demoman


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