Robot Engie is a robotically modified Engineer

First Appearance

Prologue of Captain Demo and Private Funnyman


Robot Engie began as a simple Engineer who experienced an unfortunate run-in with the infamous Christian Brutal Sniper which left him on the brink of life. Luckily for the engineer, a freelance scientist with no intention of specifically helping him came across him and decided to drag him back to his nearby, hidden lair for a few inhumane tests. Much to Sergai's surprise, his insane scheme to return someone to a healthy state with a few electric wires and some Engineer hats and misc was a huge success. Having such little faith in the experiment that he'd not thought of a name for his test subject in advance should the experiment succeed, he simply named him on the spot based on his new appearance.

"Robot Engie" was by no means a masterpiece, so his daily routine consisted of doing indoor activities and being dictated by Sergai. Though his intelligence was decreased, it was not completely erased, and so one day Robot Engie realised Sergai was an incompetent lunatic. It was with this realisation Robot Engie became aware he could get away with an escape plan as simple as "Wait for Sergai to fall asleep, walk out the door" though whilst it was enough to work, Robot Engie decided to quickly upgrade his helmet to have some combat potential. He at an unknown point met Captain Demoman, and was inlisted under him.


Captain Demoman

Gravy Guitar Man


Private Funnyman

Cheese Scout

Christian Brutal Sniper