After a massacre

Christian Brutal Sniper is agruebly the MOST dangerous Freak roaming the land, he slowy tortures and kills all who cross his path, and finds a sick joy in the murder of others.He has a massive arsenal of Melee weapons, and uses them with skill. He has super human strength, but is only as durable as the average Sniper, if caught off guard, he can easily be killed. but the chances of this are slim, and he is avoided by all who know of his brutal kills. Christian Brutal Sniper is only approached by the foolish and the brave.


CBS was a normal Sniper, until the Blu team captured and killed him. Upon the Red Spy visiting his grave, he found out that CBS was not dead, and provided him with weapons. Christian went on a murder spree on the entire Blu team, until he decided to kill the Blu Soldier who caught him in a fire. The Spy was infact Blu and tied up CBS as well. but CBS survived, and he now roams the land.


One red spy who is unlucky enough to be stuck with him.



The Red SpyEdit

A Red Spy seems to follow CBS on his murder spree, and CBS does not attack him. he usually complains about blood on his suit, but shuts up when he realises what CBS could do to him.